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The Zumbly Pro Toolset

Motivated Sellers

Find sellers that zumbly recognizes as motivated to sell. When activated these listings will pulsate on the map.

Cheapest per sqft

Find sellers that zumbly recognizes as motivated to sell. When activated these listings will pulsate on the map.

Cash Flow Positive

Don’t waste time looking at properties that don’t break even. Click this button to only see properties with a positive net income.

Net Income

How much money do you want to make from your new home? Simply slide the slider to your desired income.

Airbnb Short Term Occupancy Rate

Searching by Airbnb occupancy rate shows you the hottest areas. The higher the occupancy rate, the more demand in the area.

CoC Return

Only see homes with the percentage chosen.

Gross Rent Multiplier

Only see homes with ratios that have been chosen.

Year Built

The year a home is built tells you a lot about what the home may need. Generally speaking, the newer the better.

Flipping Margin

See margins based upon price per sqft in any given area.

Cap Rate

Only see properties with the cap rate you choose.

Cheaper to Buy Than Rent

Enter the all-in mortgage payment you can afford and only see homes that Are equal or less to that payment as well as in areas it is cheaper to buy than rent in.

Zumbly’s Unique Solution

Unleash the power of Zumbly Pro and be able to go straight to the properties that fit your buying goals. Have the confidence of a season investor and find the best deals in the market, properties that have the most earning potential, and assure you aren’t overlooking hidden gems.

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As a real estate agent in 2018 your clients want the Swiss-Army-House. A property that can do it all. Be beautiful, in a great location and an investment in the future. Zumbly saves me countless hours in running individual CMAs for that purpose and I can structure tours extremely fast. More time for me means more time for more clients and ultimately more transactions. Zumbly is a game changer!

Rosina Woolston