Airbnb is an excellent way to make money with the extra room in the house or apartment. Some say it’s the modern way of doing real estate. 

Even though the Airbnb app has made the process of renting out a place extraordinarily efficient and easy to follow, there are some strategies that the host should take into consideration. 

At Zumbly, we help you find homes to live in or put on Airbnb for your side hustle. With that in mind, here are some top Airbnb host tips that can help bring in more customers and encourage former clients to return. 

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Be Honest

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to marketing their listing. Some would go as far as embellishing and exaggerating, whereas others would be honest and truthful even though it hurts their listing.

It’s always essential to be honest with a listing. If you say that a particular service is available when in fact, it isn’t, this can easily lead to a bad review. In turn, this can deter other customers. 

For example, if there’s no space for multiple people to sleep, don’t say that there is plenty. If the balcony does not have a great view, don’t say it does. If something is not working, provide the guest with a discount. 

Don’t forget to be honest with the pictures. Airbnb can send a photographer to take professional photos. They will make the place look as good as it can be without masking reality. The last thing an Airbnb host wants is to mislead anyone about the space, amenities, and size.

It’s also important to be honest about the kind of host you plan to be. Just how some guests like more interaction while others prefer to be self-sufficient, hosts have preferences too. Being up-front about how often you’ll be at the property and whether or not you plan to share meals with them or provide social perks will help set expectations.

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Make The Rules Clear

Before letting the guest book the room, it’s essential to let them know about the rules. Ask them if it’s OK, and if they agree, then it’s appropriate for them to make the purchase. 

The rules should entail:

  • Adding community-related regulations, such as keeping the noise down after 11 PM.
  • Letting them know if pets or babies are allowed.
  • Enforcing a check-in time.

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Adequate Check-in and Check-Out Time

The most common mistake that people make is trying to maximize revenue by allowing guests to check-out on the same day that other guests check-in.

An Airbnb host can quickly clean up if they are only renting out one room. However, it can be challenging if they decided to rent a whole apartment and need to clean it in a short period of time. This can be very stressful for you and for your guests, so it’s not advisable to do same-day check-out and check-in for consecutive bookings. 

The worst part is that the host might need extra sets of bed sheets and towels in case they can’t clean it on time. The best system is to have the proper preparation time or day between guests, and occasionally allow consecutive check-in or check out. 

Keep in mind that not every guest will treat your space with care. Some will leave everything a complete mess and it may take you over 5 to 6 hours to restore it. Some guests barely cook, while others enjoy creating a culinary masterpiece every day – without washing their dishes and leaving your kitchen in order. With that in mind, anyone renting out an entire property should make sure to give themselves enough time between guests.

Send Emails a Week Before The Guests Comes Over

A week before the guests arrive, it’s a good idea to send a personalized email with information about the property, neighborhood, cafés, gyms, places to eat, and activities. This is important because not every visitor will have access to data on their phone. Don’t forget to ask if they will be driving to your property, and if they are, let them know where they can park.

Ask About Food Preference

Every guest has different preferences on what they like to eat. If you plan to be a more hands-on host, it’s best to email them to ask about food preferences ahead of time, such as how they want to take their coffee, or dietary restrictions. 

This will let them know that when they arrive, they will experience something unique and personalized. You can even provide the guests with a basket of fruit, chocolate, or anything special upon their arrival.

Greet The Guests At The Door

The guests are most likely to be stressed from traveling to their destination. Whenever it’s possible, greet them at the door and be sensitive to their needs. Some have a lot of questions, some want to be left alone, and still others want company and a good conversation to start their adventure. 

Try to read their body language, but if they are mysterious, ask them if there’s anything they need.

Final Note

Airbnb provides a new way of doing real estate. It’s simple as renting out an entire apartment or house to rent out a room. It’s like giving someone a more affordable living area with a personalized touch. 

Just like real estate, Airbnb does come with some tips and tricks. The host needs to know some common courtesies so their guests will feel welcome at home. 

Fortunately, the strategies listed above are excellent Airbnb host tips that can help anybody dive into the Airbnb business venture. Now that you know about being a good host, check out some properties that would make great Airbnb spaces on Zumbly.

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