Find Top Returning Investment Properties in Seconds

Zumbly analyzes every listed home for sale and shows you the highest returning properties first.

Zumbly Calculator

Instantly calculates estimated rental ROI on properties

Net Income Analysis

See how much money each property will net you

Home Score Ratings

Instantly compare property investment potential against others in the area

No More Hassle Manually Calculating if a Property is a Good Investment

Access to over 500,000 data points

Through machine learning and performing traditional investor calculations like: cash on cash return, gross rent multiplier, cap rate, flipping margins and others zumbly’s algorithm generates a real-time score based on over 500,000 calculations in which homes in each city are weighed and scored against each other allowing you to quickly identify the best investment for you.

Quickly Compare Properties Based Data

Displays Top Returning Properties Instantly

Zumbly instantly runs every property through multiple formulas so you can easily evaluate each potential investment. Stop running calculations on every property. Start focusing on important buying decisions.

Airbnb Earning Potentials and Occupancy Rate

For short term investment properties, you can instantly see estimates on Airbnb occupancy and nightly rates.

Performs all Investor Calculations

See CoC returns, cap rate, and gross rent multiplier ratios and percentages on each property.

Longterm Rental Data

Zumbly takes all hard monthly costs and projects monthly net income earning potentials.

Shows Comparables

Tailored to your investment strategy, you can quickly view comparable properties in the area and determine which property is going to give you the highest returns.

Working in the real estate industry, I was given early access to Zumbly. What a great experience! Very user friendly and perfect for the investor or homeowner. The stats, ROI, and profit and loss with comparable investments in the area are all right at your fingertips. A win for the agent and the investor.

Rosina Woolston

Real Estate Agent, Remax

For Individual Investors and Teams

Zumbly is for any real estate investor that wants to find a great investments - Long term or traditional rental properties, short-term or aribnb and flippers. But the ones that get value the most will be new investors, young investors, investors that have never bought in a the market they are using zumbly in, investors that want to quickly identify and compare homes

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