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The city of Joliet is located 30 miles southwest of Chicago in the State of Illinois. The population is 147,433 which makes Joliet the fourth largest city in Illinois. The total area of the city is 62.768 square miles; 62.11 square miles of land and 0.658 square miles of water.  Joliet is often called the "City of Steel" due to the flourishing steel industry and the fact that the city was the birthplace of barbed wire. The Des Plaines River runs through the city and divides Joliet's neighborhoods into east and west sides. The city has large irregular shape that stretches into nine different townships, which is more than any other city in Illinois.

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What Makes It Great

Once home to Statesville and Joliet Prison, the area was known as "Prison City." The prisons have been closed since 2002 and now present a historic spot that visitors can tour. Joliet is one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois and offers diverse attractions to draw people in.  There are many outdoor activities to enjoy with four golf courses, a large water park, Pilcher State Park, as well as biking and hiking trails through the city. Sports fans revel in the NASCAR activities as well as rooting for the professional baseball team, the Joliet Slammers. Art lovers will take delight in the theaters and galleries that reveal the area's rich history. Find out more about Joliet.

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The average temperature in Joliet averages between 17 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees. Summertime tends to be warm, wet, and humid.  Winters are generally freezing and windy with moderate to heavy snowfall. 

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