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Often called the "Windy City," Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois.  Resting on 234 square miles of land, Chicago is known for its beautiful architecture, cultural attractions, dynamic arts scene, sporting events and excellent shopping. It is a place that many people from every nationality and background call home. With nearly 10 million people, the metropolitan area in Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. The central business district is known as the Chicago Loop. The city houses 77 community areas, which are subdivided into around 200 neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a specific personality which offers a variety of different things to residents. There's an enjoyable option for everybody. 

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Creativity abounds in Chicago. The city is home to 60 museums, around 200 art galleries, and 20 neighborhood art centers.The architecture is compelling and the first sky scraper was built in Chicago during 1885. Chicago boasts an impressive and historic park system; 8,800 acres of green space, 600 parks, lakefront trails along the coast and 25 beaches. The vibrant city hosts music festivals, amazing culinary events, theatrical events, as well as holiday events throughout the year. Chicago has the attractions, amenities, and atmosphere meant to entice. This was proven with 58 million domestic and international visitors in 2018 making it the second most visited city in the nation. Find out more at Choose Chicago.

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Chicago experiences every season with warm, humid summers and cold, windy winters. The temperature through the year typically varies from 22 degrees to 83 degrees.

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