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Fontana is located in San Bernardino County, approximately 50 miles East of Los Angeles. With more than 210,000 residents over 43 square miles, it is the second largest city in the county. With an elevation ranging from 840 feet to 2,600 feet, the city name means "Fountain" in Italian, and was named for it's location along the Santa Ana River. Founded in 1919, Fontana was originally an agricultural town, before the Kaiser Steel plant was built during WWII. This eventually led to the first Kaiser Permanente facility being built there. The city is now a trucking industry hub.

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What Makes It Great

Residents can enjoy the beautiful views from one of over 40 parks and sports facilities, with trails leading into the surrounding mountains and desert. During the hot summers, there are plenty of pools to choose from! There's always something to do within walking distance of the more than 2 dozen neighborhoods, with weekly events held throughout the city and a diverse food and music scene. Fontana is a family friendly city with a strong sense of community, and has community centers located throughout the many neighborhoods that offer services to youths and adults. Find out more at Living and Visiting Fontana

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  • Farmer's Market - Every Saturday - Fresh produce, food, and craft vendors
  • Fontana Car Show - March-September - Classic and specialty car show with food vendors, held first Friday of every month

  • Fontana Days Run - June - Fastest half marathon in the world

  • Fontana Arts Festival - July - Art festival showcasing over 50 local artists with food and live music

  • Festival of Winter - December - Festival with snow, entertainment, and food vendors


Fontana residents enjoy the warm, arid climate caused by the Santa Ana winds, with an average temperature of 43 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are hot, arid and clear, while the Winters are cool and partly cloudy.

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