How to Improve Your Home to Make More Money on Airbnb

Airbnb is becoming a popular source of revenue for homeowners around the world. You too could enjoy passive income on your extra bedroom, house, or apartment. However, one of the things to consider is the security of your premises and guests, which you can guarantee by getting the best home security system you can buy.

Unfortunately, making money using Airbnb is proving to be difficult due to the increased number of listings. Here are a few tricks you can use to improve your home to make more money on Airbnb.

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Step 1: Inspect and Design Your Space

Before you start taking pictures and uploading them on Airbnb, inspect the room or the home to identify any problems and fix them if any. This could include a leaky tap or a flaky wall that needs a fresh coat of paint. Here is a full guide on how to remodel your house.

You will need to design the space with a unique style that will distinguish your listing from the thousands that are in your city or location. However, when designing or redesigning, think about the functionality of the space and how easy it will be to maintain it.

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Step 2: Take High Resolution Photos

It is vital that you only use high-resolution photos for your listing. Since potential guests are looking through thousands of listings, you must photograph every inch of your space in different angles.

On top of this, the more photos you have, the better. Better yet, you could hire a professional photographer to take the pictures and edit them. This will surely attract guests to your listing and make money.

Photographer taking photo in desert

Step 3: Be Honest in Your Listing

Most homeowners tend to exaggerate the truth about their Airbnb investment home, and this ends up costing them rankings and good reviews. You should not give the guests a chance to second-guess why they chose your listing over the rest.

The bottom line is that you should tell the guests what to expect, and they will give you credit for your honesty in their reviews.

Step 4: Decide How Often You Want to Host Guests

Airbnb allows you to set the rules for bookings ahead of time. This includes the minimum and maximum stay limits, and you can block out the calendar a day before or after the booking. This will allow you to clean up and welcome the guest to a tidy home.

With the rules in place, you will know how to arrange your schedule to present a homey feeling worth five stars.

Step 6: Install  Home Security System

People are apprehensive of the security of their lodging facilities. For this reason, it is important to include information on how you plan to protect the home to make them feel safe. A security system is an excellent place to start. However, it will not only give the guests a sense of security, but it will also be for your benefit.

By having one of the best home security systems money can buy, you can pass on the costs to your guests and they will not mind as long as they feel safe.

Step 7: Interact with Guests

Think of the Airbnb guest as a new friend you have invited to dinner. You need to know the purpose of their stay through friendly interaction and mention whether you will be present during their stay at your house.

Step 8: Get a Superhost badge

Airbnb has a ‘Superhost Badge’ that is awarded to owners who have a current calendar among other criteria. However, the main purpose of keeping your calendar current is to avoid booking guests when you are not in a capacity to provide a holistic experience. This will result in guests leaving bad reviews.

Moreover, you could restrict how far and when guests can book your space. For example, you could reduce the number of months from six to three or less. Moreover, you could also block out the dates that you are not available to host guests.

Step 9: Price Your Listing Accordingly

When considering the pricing of your listing, you can use the auto-pricing rules on the platform, or you could set your own. The recommended pricing works well for people who do not have the time to keep up with the current real estate listings of the area.

However, if you have an event in your area, you could adjust the prices manually to account for the major bump in demand. With that said, always look at the pricing of similar listings in your area and standardize the price as you see fit.

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Airbnb creates an avenue for you to earn a passive income, but it is tied to the reviews you get from your guests. However, do not be discouraged with a few negative reviews; work on the feedback and improve the quality of guest experience in your home. Despite all else, the security of your guests should be the top priority. These tips will help you earn more money from your space.