The Ultimate Thailand Vacation Guide: How To Travel For Free

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Thailand Vacation: Travel to Thailand

Embellished temples, ancient ruins, lavish palaces, tropical beaches, insane shopping, unforgettable festivities: Thailand is one of the world’s top and hottest places to travel to today. This SouthEast Asian country, bordered by Myanmar and Laos, will offer you an experience that you will be sure to never forget.

Take a stroll around Thailand’s famous capital and largest city, Bangkok city, experience authentic and experience unique flavors that you will surely not find anywhere else. Visit iconic heritage buildings in Phuket City, explore the marvelous ancient temples that Chiang Mai is most famous for, or choose to take a dip in the lagoon waters of Thailand’s beautiful island, Koh Samui. The list can go on and on! The country of Thailand is truly a magical place to visit, filled with beauty, mystery, relaxation, and entertainment. There is a reason why Thailand is called “the Land of Smiles.”

Bangkok City

Bangkok city is Thailand’s famous capital and largest city. This city is captivating and incredibly exciting; it is a city that is known to “never sleep” so you can rest assured that you will never be bored in this hub part of the world.

Bangkok’s Nightlife

If there is one thing that Thailand is famous for it is it’s incredible nightlife scene, filled with spectacular rooftop and cocktail bars, energizing nightclubs, fun events, and so much more. People come from all different parts of the world to explore Bangkok’s incredible and extremely lively nightlife scene. Make sure to check out the very famed Khao San Road, interestingly, also known as “the center of the backpacking universe.”

The Reclining Buddha

Check out the famous Reclining Buddha at Bangkok’s Buddhist Temple complex, Wat Pho, and even stop and receive a popular Thai Massage while on your way to the Temple complex! The statue of the Reclining Buddha is famous for its incredible size, being 46 meters long and 15 meters tall, with its feet themselves measuring at over five meters. The best part about this statue is that the entire figure is covered in gold leaf, making it incredibly stunning to see at close proximity.

The Grand Palace

Visit Thailand’s magnificent Grand Palace, the country’s most famous attraction yet. This palace was once where the government of Thailand would carry out their work, in addition to being home to the King. The palace is over 214,000 sq. meters big, thus you will definitely want to spend a good amount of time exploring this magical place.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is a shopper’s wonderland. Don’t get lost in the market’s over 8000 shopping stalls which cover about 27 acres of land! It is one of the largest shopping markets in the whole world, with over 200,000 daily visitors coming from all different parts of the globe, along with locals merging the market streets. Chatuchak Market is open on the weekends, every Saturday and Sunday, and you can rest assured that it is the place where you will be able to find everything you can imagine for incredible prices that you cannot find anywhere else. All shopping items at this market will be on sale, with local prices taking over the tourist prices which you fear. If you are visiting Thailand, then you definitely want to make sure that Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is included in one of your stops.

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Phuket City

Phuket City is located on the South-East side of Phuket island, the largest island of Thailand. This town is a beautiful mixture of both old and new, filled with buildings of heritage, enthralling temples, and sophisticated areas.

Phang Nga Bay

Come lay by the emerald green lagoon waters of Phang Nga Bay. This bay is filled with mangroves, caves and spectacular lagoons. Its geographical location protects Phang Nga Bay from bad weather conditions during the monsoon season, making it even more of a reason to visit during your vacation trip to Thailand! Take a tourist boat tour to ensure that you don’t miss out anything of the magical scenery that this beautiful bay has to offer.

James Bond Island

James Bond Island is a very famous landmark in Phuket, Thailand. The island, surrounded by its signature rocky pinnacle, marks its fame due to its starring role in the well-known James Bond movie “The Man With the Golden Gun.” Most of the tours in Phuket island, if not all, will typically include a stop on James Bond Island, allowing visitors to enjoy lunch the nearby Muslim fishing village, Koh Panyee.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Visiting Phuket’s elephant sanctuary, will without a doubt be an experience to remember. Elephants are known to be sacred animals, and at the elephant sanctuary, you will learn all about the reason why. You will get a chance to learn all about elephants, meet the elephants and truly learn to support ethical elephant tourism. If you are a supporter of animals and animal rights, or if you just simply want to learn more and meet the country’s sacred elephants, then Phuket’s Elephant Sanctuary is definitely something that is worth visiting and will surely touch your heart.

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

Visiting Phuket Town’s Weekend Night Market, also known as Naka Market by the locals, is an experience like no other market. At this market, you will be able to shop anything, ranging from food such as fruits to clothes, animal-related items, and antiques. Everything is on sale and prices at a local price at this market, so you can rest assured that you will not be exposed to any tourist prices. Enjoy authentic Thai snacks, such as the golden buttered corn on the cob, amongst many more. If you are feeling extra daring and adventurous, you can even try one of Thailand’s traditional snacks of fried insects. It may sound surprising, but this is a delicious delicacy to many residents, that you yourself may find to enjoy! There is nothing cooler than traveling to a new country and trying out completely new things that possibly may not have even know existed.

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is considered to be the largest city of Northern Thailand. This city is filled with exciting adventures, shopping you have not seen anywhere else in the world, and beautiful misty hill trails and mountains.

Doi Suthep

The most famous attraction in Chiang Mai is by far the Doi Suthep. Doi Suthep is a mountain located about 12km right outside Chiang Mai. If you visit Chiang Mai, you cannot miss the picturesque view that this marvelous mountain top has to offer. From the top of Doi Suthep, you will be able to see a view, like no other, of the entire city of Chiang Mai. Just outside Doi Suthep, you will find the magical white elephant shrine inside at the 13th-century  Buddhist temple of Wat Phra Doi Suthep. You will be sure to experience the perfect combination of beauty, charm, and zen.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park is home to the highest mountain in all of Thailand, an extension to the Shan Hills and made mostly from granite. The park covers a land area of 48,240 hectares, The highest point of the mountain is 2565 meters tall and has been known to hit lows of -8 degrees centigrade, whilst visiting the Park you cannot help but notice the number of birds that you will see, Doi Inthanon is home to more species of bird than anywhere else in Thailand.

Tiger Kingdom

Chiang Mai’s Tiger Kingdom is located about 10km out of Chiang Mai. This Tiger Kingdom gives you the chance to really get close and personal to these tigers, leaving you with a truly once in a lifetime experience. If you get hungry, make sure to visit the Bengal restaurant overlooking the park, offering a delicious Thai buffet lunch together with an a la carte menu serving snacks, Western, and Thai food respectively.

San Kamphaeng Road

San Kamphaeng Road is a 10km road, that is also known as the “Handicraft Highway.” At San Kamphaeng Road, you will find a market filled with outlets that are known for their wood carving, silk, silverware, sculpting, pottery, and lacquerware products. Celadon, a type of pottery that outlets in San Kamphaeng are famous for having, uses a green glaze, making pottery look like spectacular Jade. What is especially cool about San Kamphaeng Road, is that you while walking on this road, you will be able to see live artists in the process of creating their masterpieces.

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Koh Samui

Koh Samui is Thailand’s second largest island, located right in the center of the Gulf of Thailand and measures at about 25km.

Na Muang Waterfall

Explore the beautiful jungle surroundings and visit the two spectacular waterfalls at Koh Samui, known as Na Muang One and Na Muang Two. Na Muang One waterfall flows into a small pool that you can even choose to take a quick dip in. Na Muang Two is a short and worth seeing 30-minute hike uphill. Stop by countless aesthetic spots along your way, together with numerous souvenir huts and delicious food stalls where you can take short breaks at.

4WD Jungle Safari Tour

While visiting Koh Samui, you can even choose to take one of many of the 4WD Jeep Jungle Safari tours. A live guide who will be sure to entertain you through your entire trip, informing ou with special facts and information about Koh Samui and everything that you will be visiting along the way. The Jungle Safari Tour is a fun activity of its own, allowing you to stop at multiple touristic spots along the way, this way ensuring that you get the most out of your visit to Koh Samui, all in only one day. If you are feeling adventurous and fun tours, then you will find the Jungle Safari Tours at Koh Samui are especially exciting.

The Secret Buddha Garden

The Secret Buddha Garden at Koh Samui is referred to as “secret” for a reason. This garden is hidden away in the center of Koh Samui, filled with incredible looking statues surrounded by a vibrant forest. At the highest tip of the Secret Buddha Garden, you will find remarkable panoramic views.


Koh Samui is one of the best places to go diving in the world. If you are a diving fanatic or want to try diving, then Koh Samui is definitely the place to do it. Get to experience the true gulf of Thailand underwater. Take a boat trip and see the unique marine life of Thailand’s gulf. Dives typically last from 40 to 50 minutes and are suitable for all levels of divers.

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