Buy Smart and Confidently

Zumbly empowers you to know a property will be a great home but better investment

Short and Long Term Predictor

Find out how much you can make with Airbnb or as a traditional rental property

Home Score Ratings

Instantly compare properties against one another based on a 0-10 score

Zumbly Calculator

Get an instant ROI on each property using all monthly expenses and investment calculations

ZUMBLY: Real Estate Analysis Platform That Picks Top Properties For You To Buy

Zumbly’s algorithm generates scores based on over 500,000 calculations

Zumbly makes it possible for the most novice of home buyers to buy with the confidence of a seasoned investor. Real estate investors approach buying with tried and true formulas that help them identify properties that are going to be the most secure investment. Zumbly runs every property through these calculations and shows you the best properties first.

Purchase Based on Data, Not Emotions

Smart buyers recognize that buying real estate is one of the most important investments they will make. Zumbly ensures your purchase decision to protect your future.

Zillow for Smart Buyers

Zumbly still shows users the same pictures and info that Zillow, Trulia, redfin... etc do, but instead of trying to keep you on our site we are trying to get you to the best property ASAP.

Airbnb Earning Potential

Travel more often, lower your mortgage payment, and don't get stuck with a long term roommate. Zumbly shows you how much each property can make on Airbnb so you can have the freedom to live the life you want.

Asses Longterm Value

It lets users know that the home will always be a great investment property even if they don't use it as an investment property.

Find Motivated Sellers

Search for homes that have sellers that are looking to sell ASAP. If you are looking for a deal that is going to give you instant equity, use this feature to find the best deals.

As a new investor, Zumbly made finding the right investment property very easy. At first I was overwhelmed with the costs associated with investing in real estate. Zumbly made the process very easy and gave me the confidence I needed to purchase my first investment property.

Gavin Matthews

Owner, Lifestyle Nutrition