“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to see homes that make financial sense, then Zumbly is for you. Want to find homes that make you money on Airbnb so you can get paid to travel or offset your mortgage? Zumbly. Want to find homes that can be great rental properties when you upgrade, move or god forbid lose you job? Zumbly. Want to find a financially sound home so you have more peace of mind? Zumbly.

0-10 (10 being the greatest) score that is formulated by weighing every property against each other based on how great of an investment that property is – The higher the score, the more financially sound the home.

Zumbly works with several data partners. We strive to provide the most accurate information based on the current market. Our sales data comes from each respective city’s Multiple Listing Service. Our rental data is derived from a combination of real time sources. Our algorithms generate values for each property, based on multiple factors, along with market-rate balancing. And our industry professionals verify on a daily basis that our data is of the most accurate quality so that you can enjoy your time spent on Zumbly.

The projected occupancy rate is an estimated percentage of days that a particular property can be rented on sites like Airbnb®, HomeAway®, or VRBO®. For instance, if the projected occupancy rate is 64% for the month, the calculation would look like this: 30 days in a month multiplied by .64 = 19.2 days occupied.

For our Beta we wanted to test two very different markets. Zumbly will soon be nationwide in the United States and Australia.

Simple – email us at info@zumbly.com and we will add your city to the list.