The 10 Best Real Estate Tech Startups in 2020

Real Estate tech startups are ready to shake things up in both residential and commercial real estate ventures, and in this article, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the most innovative companies in the real estate sector.


It’s estimated that Americans move every 5 years. While you could rent your home if you decide to move to another one later, will it really be worth doing? The truth is that sometimes a property is just not worth renting, and if you find that out too late then it can ruin your future plans.

Zumbly wants to help buyers to make better home choices. Their site generates a real-time score which will tell you important information that can help you determine how much your property could be worth both in the long term and the short term.

This allows you to more easily turn your starter home into a profitable Airbnb or long term rental when you decide to upgrade, helping you to build wealth rather than debt.

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Finding a place to rent, especially if you’re moving to a new city for work, is beyond infuriating. To help ease this pain, Rentberry has created a platform that helps to streamline negotiations between landlords and potential tenants.

The platform’s transparency has made it popular with renters, and its ease of use has attracted busy landlords struggling to manage their properties. Rentberry has grown past its US offering and now operates internationally, but they still have plenty of room for growth.


Reali pays their real estate brokers a salary rather than have them work on commission. That means that sellers pay a flat fee, potentially saving themselves $20,000 in fees that would otherwise be lost to a real estate company.

How can they do this? By using technology to allow buyers to perform self-guided tours and other services themselves, freeing up the agent’s time and allowing them to do more for less.


Real Estate agents are expected to be a lot of things, including professional photographers for their listings. Unfortunately, they aren’t, and taking amazing photos is not as easy as it looks. Not to mention the time involved in creating the type of masterpieces that sell houses.

That’s where Virtuance comes in. This company is actually an all-in-one photography company that vets and dispatches professional photographers, does image quality control, uploads the images to the MLS listings and even provides traffic stats for the listings.

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Modern Message

Any landlord knows that good tenants are worth their weight in gold. So, how do you retain those tenants? By offering them exceptional experiences with Modern Message.

This platform allows landlords to incentivize their best renters who pay their rent quickly and online, advertise their properties on social media and offer reviews. These renters earn rewards for doing so, and landlords gain valuable interactions.

Thanks to this useful tool, Modern Message was named one of 2017’s fastest growing startups by Inc, and they aren’t done innovating yet. They continue to ink reward deals with other startups, like Wag, which will offer dog walker rewards to renters.


Everyone wants to be a landlord until they realize how much work it is. Even if you employ the help of a property management company, it’s possible that you’ll end up at a loss once all your expenses are tallied, but what if you were guaranteed a profit?

Rented offers that guarantee. They are so sure of their product that they promise you a guaranteed annual income. If they don’t meet it, they’ll cover the difference. Plus, Rented takes care of everything, making owning a rental property a truly hands-off experience.


For many homeowners, upgrading from their starter home to a new property is a tricky dance. Most will need to sell their current home first and then scramble to close on the new property. It’s enough to make you want to rip out your hair, but Knock has the solution.

This company will give homeowners looking to “trade in” a cash offer, and allow them to move into their new home before selling their old one. This company helps buyers every step of the way and eliminates a major paint point for moving to a new home.

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For many Americans, getting a loan can be increasingly difficult, especially when you need a large down payment. While “rent to own” is nothing new, in many cases, it was previously fraught with worries over shady landlords and deceptive deals.

Enter Divvy, a startup that allows you to purchase any home on the market as a rent to own deal. They require only 2% down and they cover any other costs involved with the deal, making it a great option for families who have income but don’t have a down payment. Plus, if you end up getting a mortgage at the end of the lease they’ll give you $10,000 for a down payment.


Most leases are for a minimum of 12 months, and you could end up owing some big fees to your landlord if you need to move unexpectedly for work or personal reasons.

Flip removes that headache for you by assisting people with finding qualified individuals to sublet their rentals and even negotiating with their landlord for them! They even have automatic payments to make sure their sub-letters are paying.

Flip raised $2.2 million in their seed round last year, and they’ve processed thousands of dollars in rentals every month. They are currently operating in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but they have plans to extend to more locations soon.

OJO Labs

AI is everywhere, and soon it will likely be taking over real estate as well. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to buy or sell a home without the need for a real estate agent at all.

However, if you’re looking to buy, then you’ll be missing a key component of that relationship. A real estate agent gives you personalized recommendations and helps you find the perfect home, but could a chatbot do that job?

OJO Labs thinks so, and they’ve raised $45 million to develop their real estate chatbot. This software not only gives recommendations based on your preferences, but it can also answer questions about the listing.

You can ask it details about the house’s layout and features, or you can just sit back while OJO delivers the perfect home to your phone via push notifications every time a new home comes on the market that matches your criteria.

OJO labs also acquired WolfNet, which gives the company access to 100 million property records, greatly expanding the reach of the tool.

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