Who We Are

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, traditional real estate investor, or looking for a home to put on AirBnB as a #sidehustle, Zumbly’s algorithm has got your back.

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It's Time For A Change

The American dream tells us we need to find a forever home, raise a family, build white picket fences, and pay it off over a lifetime. That’s a lot of pressure. On average, we aren’t having kids until 33, we travel more, move more, change jobs more and understand how to leverage technology to make money. Oh, and AirBnB changed the world and now allows us to make money on our homes instantly. The traditional American dream doesn’t work today. So we are changing the American dream to your dream and helping you find homes that build wealth, not debt.

Zumbly Home Score

This is the secret sauce and where it all begins. As soon as you kick off a search, Zumbly is doing over 500 thousand calculations, weighing homes against each other and attaching a score 0-10 (10 being the highest) based on what that home can do for you. Our algorithm is going to show you the 10’s first. These are the homes that are going to be the best investments based on multiple data points.

First Time Home Buyers

The fact that you are here reading this tells us you are smart. Seriously! You knew things had to change and there had to be a better way. We hear stories all the time on how a first time home buyer (like yourself) bought their first home, turned it into an AirBnB, kept it as a rental property, or fixed it up and sold it for a profit. We believe the only difference between people who make money off real estate and those that don’t, is how they approach the buying process.

Traditional Investors

You guys are in for a treat. Not only was Zumbly originally built for real estate investors, we were founded by real estate investors. For the first time, you can now look at a whole market at scale and never worry about missing a great investment again. And, you are going to save tons of time. Too many tools and sites out there depend on you to go through data and trends, not anymore – Zumbly does it all for you.

Investment scores, estimated rental values, estimated mortgage costs, and any other financial or other data contained herein cannot be guaranteed as accurate and should not be solely relied upon in making any investment decisions. Users of this information should conduct their own due diligence before making any investment decisions and Zumbly shall not be responsible for any inaccurate information or estimates listed herein.